124 New Native COVID-19 Instances in NSW; Queensland closes border with NSW; Victoria lists 26 new native instances; Two new native instances in SA; PM apologizes for the gradual adoption of vaccination.

Pharmacists have supported an expansion of the coronavirus vaccine rollout that will maximize their involvement.

Scott Morrison said the current coronavirus outbreak in Australia has led the government to move forward with the introduction of AstraZeneca vaccinations at pharmacies that want to be involved.

National President of the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) Chris Freeman said pharmacists had been waiting to join the rollout.

“PSA has worked tirelessly with all governments since the launch of the vaccine to ensure maximum participation from pharmacists,” said Professor Freeman.

“This is the patient-centric approach Australia has been waiting for – and one that will speed the rollout to completion.

“As we have seen in the UK and the United States, the use of local pharmacist vaccines has enabled them to meet their respective vaccination goals on schedule.

“The federal government’s compensation system already covers pharmacists administering COVID-19, and they have the knowledge and resources to effectively deliver the vaccine to their communities.

“Pharmacists will be able to target Australians at risk, especially older people who remain unvaccinated – and avoid the need to queue up at mass vaccination centers for long periods of time.”

For information on vaccination in a pharmacy, call 1300 369 772.

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