“A Shifting Feast:” Take pleasure in Victoria’s wonderful native eating places … with a facet of historical past! – Victoria Information

If you’re a local Victorian you probably think you know the city pretty well, but Andy Olsen from A taste from Victoria Food Tours can show you a side of the city that you may have missed!

Olsen’s unique culinary tour not only combines a fantastic culinary experience, but also combines gastronomic delicacies with an unforgettable historical and cultural experience. Rated by TripAdvisor as one of Canada’s Top 10 Experiences, the Top-Rated Tour in Victoria, and the country’s No. 1-Rated Food Tour for the second year in a row, this delicious tour is a must-have on your list whether you are I’m new to Victoria or have lived here all your life.

Only food: Potluck Promenade

The tour focuses on locally run and operated businesses and delights all the senses. In two hours, starting at the Victoria Public Market, the visitor experiences a whole world of food and gets food for thought through a carefree look at the history of Old Town Victoria and Chinatown.

Victoria’s ethnically diverse history results in an ethnically diverse city with a kitchen scene to match. Olsen knows the city’s past very well and even if you’ve lived here your entire life, surprises await!

There are six to eight tastings along the route, depending on the day, which can include Chinese rolls, pierogis, matcha, southern-style cookies, meatballs, spring rolls, craft beer, a French patisserie, and chocolate! Historic stops include The Gates of Harmonious Interest, Fan Tan Alley, Market Square, Bastion Square, Trounce Alley, and Government Street. Find out which is the oldest pub in Victoria and visit Canada’s oldest chocolate shop.

Discover something new where you live

Tour guide and owner Olsen has combined his passion for history, travel and food to create a unique experience that brings the city of Victoria to life in new ways. His love for his hometown shines through and he makes a point of introducing guests to the owners, managers and chefs wherever possible.

Book your tickets today and experience Victoria’s history in a new way! The tours start daily at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.

To learn more, visit atasteofvictoriafoodtours.com, email [email protected], or call 250-893-9815. You can also find them on Facebook and Instagram.

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