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I know Queensland and Western Australia got a lot of attention as fans of the lockout – but let’s not forget South Australia (liberal government) which has also been pretty quick on the border closings.

And it has a population that also lives relatively freely, while the borders remain largely closed.

AAP has an update on AFL crowds in the state:

A short-term spike in attendance at the Adelaide Oval for the upcoming AFL final has been approved with 20,000 fans, but the decision has angered the state’s hospitality industry.

Port Adelaide will face Geelong in the second qualifying final in the oval on Friday night, while Melbourne will face the Brisbane Lions in the first qualifying final on Saturday.

Over the past few weeks, viewer numbers have been capped at 15,000 due to COVID-19 restrictions, but Premier Steven Marshall said everyone wants to see more fans get in.

“Of course we would like to see the capacity increase if it is certain,” he said on Thursday before the increase was announced.

“Our main responsibility is to make sure we keep South Australia free from this variant of the delta. We want to keep it in check, no South Australian wants us to be banned. “

After SA Health approved the 5000 seat increase, the additional tickets went on sale Thursday afternoon.

In a statement, Port Adelaide said it was thrilled that more of its members would have the opportunity to take part in the game on Friday.

However, with the stadium well below capacity, many would still miss it, it said.

However, the decision was not welcomed by SA’s Hospitality Owners Collective, which questioned why the increase was allowed when restrictions on licensed venues remained in place.

“You cannot dance in a licensed venue. We still sing in masks. Sedentary consumption for our guests, ”said the group.

“But Western Australia came out of lockdown around the same time and has no restrictions.

“The hospitality industry respectfully requests that you stop kicking us while we’re downstairs and do something to help us get off our knees.”

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