Australia tightly locks 7 million individuals in Victoria after 26 Covid circumstances, permitting journey to eat, work and get vaccinations – RT World Information

The Australian state of Victoria will launch another seven-day lockdown after a new group of cases related to a more contagious variant of the coronavirus emerged and seven million residents were restricted to “essential” work and travel.

Acting Prime Minister of the state James Merlino announced Thursday the new week-long lockdown on the “breaker” and told reporters that without “drastic” measures, the new outbreak would become “increasingly uncontrollable”.

“We are dealing with a highly contagious virus strain, a worrying variant that is running faster than we have ever registered,” said Merlino during a press conference in the state capital, Melbourne.

CONFIRMED at 11:59 p.m.: 5 reasons to leave home in Victoria – Food and supplies – Authorized work – Grooming and grooming exercises (up to 2 hours and with 1 additional person) – Vaccinating exercises and shopping are on a perimeter limited by 5 km home or retail stores. #jump

– Simon Love (@SimoLove) May 27, 2021

The new restrictions come after 26 cases related to a strain of the virus first discovered in India surfaced in Victoria last week, 12 of which were reported overnight between Wednesday and Thursday. This increased the number of active cases in the state to 34.

Merlino said more than 10,000 people were quarantined by contract tractors after potentially encountering one of the new patients, and predicted that number will “continue to grow and change” in the coming days.

It is Victoria’s fourth lockdown since Covid-19 appeared on the world stage in late 2019. The new round of restrictions will come into effect Thursday evening at 11:59 pm local time, forcing millions of residents to stay home for seven days for urgent travel for “necessary goods and services,” “authorized work,” or for health reasons. Even then, Victorians were told to stay within 5 km (three miles) of their homes.

Further exceptions are permitted under certain circumstances, for example if you want to visit an “intimate partner” or someone in your “bubble” of direct contacts. Schools will also be closed for the week while personal weddings, funerals, and religious gatherings will be completely closed.

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Other Australian states imposed stricter controls on travelers from Victoria in response to the “breaker” when Western Australia and Tasmania closed their borders with the state on Thursday after South Australia made a similar decision the day before. Queensland and the Northern Territory will also ask travelers to quarantine for two weeks after arriving from Victoria.

With confirmed cases on the rise, Victoria’s vaccination campaign was recently extended to residents aged 40 to 49, after previously allowing vaccinations only for those over 50. However, Merlino lamented a delayed campaign earlier this week, saying “We could be”. faced with different circumstances ”the cans would have been introduced more quickly. To date, nearly 400,000 vaccinations have been given across Victoria, with fewer than 63,000 residents being fully vaccinated.

While lockdowns are no longer alien to the state and have faced some of the toughest restrictions in the world over the past year, its previous containment policies have come under fire from officials and other residents. Last December, Victoria’s Ombudsman, Deborah Glass, published a damning report that a “hard lockdown” of several public apartment towers in July 2020 was “incompatible with the human rights of residents” and possibly “illegal”. Last year, a local business owner also filed a constitutional challenge to the guidelines, which was ultimately dismissed in court.

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