Badass Female Podcasts

Badass Female Podcasts

The surge in podcast popularity is undeniable. Podcasts have become the mediums of choice for communication and entertainment in this new tech-savvy age. The ease of starting a podcast has resulted in proliferation. Too many of them are currently present, and tracking down one that aligns with your values or delivers news and discussions in your preferred way is difficult. These recommendations are starting points for people wondering, ‘is this a podcast I need to hear?’

No Limits– Hosted by Rebecca Jarvis, an accomplished journalist by any standard, No Limits engages influential women who reveal what it takes to find success in business and life. Thought-provoking, inspiring, and eye-opening, the conversations offer valuable bits of wisdom from technology to industry.

 Not Your Average Feminist– Feminism is a widely discussed topic today, and it attracts diverse opinions. This conservative podcast brings together Sarah, Amanda, and Christina, who give new insights into what feminism is and what it can be. Their perspectives are interesting grounded in republican politics and inclusive of topics ranging from policy to pop culture.

Ladybrains– Bringing together a close group of friends, Ladybrains dives into culturally challenging issues and addresses them through a modern lens. Different personalities represented by the six ladies ensure each topic receives sufficient coverage.

Relatable– This recent podcast is excellent for its consistency. Hosted by Allie Beth Stuckey, Relatable is grounded in Christian and conservative values and discusses everything from theology to politics and current news. Allie’s straightforward, hard-hitting approach is always fresh and entertaining.

The History Chicks– Becket and Susan take you through the lives of famous women in history. The podcast celebrates women who made great strides in their time, their contribution to women’s progress, and the societal barriers they had to break to rise to the top.

She Said/She Said– Hosted by Laura Cox Kaplan. This American conservative podcast inspires through its conversations surrounding influence and personal branding. She hosts women in leadership whose own dimensions of influence are unique and educational.

Women Rule – Anna Palmer from Politico takes charge of this podcast, interviews female bosses at the top of their game, and shares insights for women who wish to fill leadership roles. While conservative, Women Rule engages women from both sides of the political divide to remain relevant and authentic.

Worth Your Time– Ericka Anderson from Faith & culture leverages her experience in politics, religion, and writing to create an entertaining and fascinating podcast that is rich in substance. She features everyone from activists, entrepreneurs, and religious leaders to politicians, athletes, and authors to understand what drives them to improve the world around them.

Smart Girl Podcast– Nichole Lauren hosts this smart, easy-going podcast covering relationships, politics, work, faith, and recreation. It is conservative and honest and ideal for the woman thinking about marriage.

Some trending American conservative podcasts do not necessarily have women as hosts. Podcasts like the Andrew Klavan show are gender-inclusive and offer invaluable conversations full of wisdom and wit.

Steel truth is a leading podcast offering its audience the information they need to know; nothing is held back. Listen to our podcast today.

Badass Female Podcasts