BC Transit providing free rides in Victoria Wednesday for Clear Air Day

Riders hoping to use BC Transit in the Victoria area on Wednesday will be treated to free fares in honor of Clean Air Day.

Wednesday, June 8, marks Clean Air Day — a day proclaimed by the Government of Canada back in 1999 as part of Canadian Environment Week — and the Victoria Regional Transit Commission and BC Transit are offering free fares all day long in an effort to encourage making an environmentally-friendly transportation choice.

The aim of Clean Air Day is to raise awareness about air quality and climate change, and to inspire people to decrease their individual greenhouse gas emissions.

BC Transit says that an easy way to help with this initiative is to encourage everyone to choose sustainable transportation alternatives — such as walking, biking or taking the bus.

On May 24, BC Transit announced that the first series of electric buses and charging equipment will be coming to the organization as part of the goal to transition to an entirely electric fleet by 2040.

These electric buses will use BC’s readily available renewable electricity, resulting in nearly zero emissions from operations.

A potential of 500 heavy-duty buses are expected to be replaced in the next 10 years.

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