Because of Korean Immigrants for Selecting Langley as their New House – Victoria Information

The Who’s Who in Langley feature ran on page 21 of the July 3rd issue of the Langley Advance Times.

LETTER: Thanks to Korean immigrants who chose Langley as their new home

Letter writer Jeff Laurie praises a community volunteer who helps keep Langley clean

Dear editor,

As a humorous supplement to your Who’s Who feature [Kim loves keeping his community clean, Langley Advance Times, July 3], our neighbors are Korean immigrants.

Early on their arrival in Canada, they found that their Korean first names were difficult for us to remember or even more difficult to pronounce, so they chose the names Harry and Sally from the famous movie When Harry Meets Sally.

Great neighbors and valued members of our community.

Kudos to Langley Kim too.

Thank you for choosing Canada as your new home.

Jeff Laurie, Langley BC

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