Bubs opens company workplace in Victoria

The official opening of Bubs Australia Limited’s corporate headquarters took place on Friday December 13th at the Deloraine Dairy canning and packaging facility in Dandenong, Victoria, Australia.

Danny Pearson, Member of State of Essendon, Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister of Victoria, and Gabrielle Williams, Member of State of Dandenong and Secretary of State for Prevention of Domestic Violence, Secretary of State for Women and Youth of the Victorian Government, signed the Official Certificate of Appreciation in memory of Bubs, who set up his headquarters in Victoria.

Parliamentary Secretary to Prime Minister Danny Pearson said: “We have been delighted to support Bub’s move to Victoria, which will add significant weight to our reputation as Australia’s gateway to China. This investment not only creates jobs, but is also another vote of confidence in our farmers and the work of the government in promoting Victoria as an export hub. “

Gabrielle Williams, member of Dandenong, welcomed the arrival of Bubs Australia in the region: “Melbourne’s southeast is the heart of Victoria’s manufacturing industry and Bubs’ choice of Dandenong as its headquarters is important for local jobs and the wider supply chain.”

Speaking on the occasion, Bubs CEO Dennis Lin said: “We are honored to have two members of the State present. Your participation recognizes Bubs’ contribution to the state economy.

“Our move to Victoria was a vote of confidence in the state, its goat milk farmers and its strategic position as a major export hub for Australia. We are very pleased that the management activities of Bubs Australia and its strategic supply chain partners are now so close. “

Kristy Carr, Founder and CEO of Bubs, said, “We see the integration of supply chain, manufacturing and management in Victoria as a natural progression that will help make our business more flexible and scalable.

“The move underscores the company’s recently announced plan to increase investments in promoting cross-border e-commerce with China for both its existing portfolio and new products.

“As our portfolio expands to accommodate new demographics, we anticipate further growth opportunities from our Victorian farm partners, who together represent the largest collection of dairy goats in Australia.

“These Victorian goat milk farms, which are exclusively contracted by Bubs, can supply around 20 million liters of fresh goat milk from a total herd of around 20,000 dairy goats.

“The important thing is that most of our other Australian supply chain partners are also in Victoria. In addition to our Deloraine canning and packaging facility in Dandenong, Bega’s Tatura Industries in Victoria offers one-step mixing and powder production of goat’s milk, and Fonterra’s facility in Darnum, also in Victoria, processes our organic grass-fed cow’s milk for packaging at the Deloraine plant. Said Carr.

Also in attendance at the ceremony was Mark Edmonson, one of Bubs’ Victorian goat breeders based in Echuca, Victoria, whose goat farms supply Bubs with key domestic deliveries of goat milk under an exclusive supply agreement.

Edmonson said he has a great passion for the goat industry and is happy to do what he loves – supporting the Australian goat industry which has been a goal in life.

“I am very proud to be one of Bubs’ exclusive suppliers. With Bubs we now have the guaranteed acceptance that gives us the security we need to put this passion into practice. With the support of Bubs, we know that we have a partner who understands our business model and understands how sustainability can make a difference, as well as a partner who is committed to ensuring that we have access to qualified, capable people and how to acquire them Support skills for future generations. ”

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