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LETTER: Butchart Gardens brightens the mood

I have been visiting the Christmas lights at Butchart Gardens annually for many years. I have an annual membership and attend regularly with my two daughters and my husband. I was excited that the lights had their opening night before BC closed and Butchart was ordered not to hold a Christmas event this year due to COVID.

I want to acknowledge all of the hard work that has gone into creating the beautiful display that sadly has not been seen this year. It is a shame that Butchart has still been ordered to close despite the numerous precautions Butchart has taken to ensure safety over the holidays (timed entry, limited numbers in the gardens, one-way street, mask requirement).

I will continue to visit during the day, but the lights are just not the same. I feel for all of those who do hard work and don’t get the recognition and appreciation for their hard work as they would if they received public feedback. Just know, those who visit the gardens appreciate you. Thanks very much.

Alicia Allen

Middle Saanich

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