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UPDATE: 12 noon

The West Kelowna Technical Rescue Team is on site along with a significant presence from the RCMP and BC Ambulance.

There are reports of people being trapped in the building that the crane collapsed on.

Residents from nearby homes are evacuated and asked to meet at a welcome center being set up on the Queensway Bus Loop.

On-site RCMP stated that the downtown area near St. Paul Street and Bernard Ave will be closed for some time due to the serious “industrial accident”.

As a result of the incident, the power supply in the core of the city center was too severely interrupted and traffic was diverted out of the area.

All motorists are asked to avoid the entire inner city center at this time.


UPDATE: 11:26 am

The crane that fell on a building in downtown Kelowna was dismantled today, according to a local witness.

A woman who did not want to be named said she came to work this morning and parked her vehicle on St. Paul Street when she was stopped by construction workers who told her they were going to dismantle a crane today.

“They told me my parking space was the last one at the end, so they told me that I might not want to park here and that I want to park at my own risk,” she explained.

Lots of people are watching. Many ambulances respond. I have heard from some witnesses and people who have been to nearby buildings that some may be trapped.

– Michael Rodriguez (@MichaelRdrguez) July 12, 2021

She said that she was with her young daughter and the two of them were walking into her office when she heard a loud bang and heard a colleague yell “out of the building”.

“The three of us ran out the front door and everyone else ran behind us,” she said.

She said she heard that her boss was trapped behind his desk and that he had to hide under it.

“There are rumors that people are trapped in our building on the top floor,” she said.

RCMP has closed Bernard Avenue, St. Paul Street, Doyle Ave and Bertram Street.

More than 2,500 FortisBC customers are powerless in the area from Recreation Avenue to the south side of Harvey Avenue after the crane collapse.

The residents of the surrounding houses are evacuated for security reasons.


A crane collapsed on a building in downtown Kelowna.

The incident occurred on Monday, July 12, around 11 a.m.

Kelowna RCMP responded to the incident at around 10:55 am (Contributed by Scott Amis)

According to witness statements, a crane working on the Brooklyn on Bernard development fell on an office building on the corner of St. Paul Street. There are reports that some people may be trapped.

Michael Rodriguez / Kelowna Capital News

Michael Rodriguez / Kelowna Capital News

Kelowna RCMP has closed the area and is advising people to stay out of the area at this time. There have been some reports of some injuries, according to local witnesses. There have also been some reports that the crane will be dismantled today.

This situation is still going on. The story will be updated as more details become available.

Michael Rodriguez / Kelowna Capital News

Michael Rodriguez / Kelowna Capital News

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