Denice Zamboanga praises Victoria Lee and denigrates the atomic weight queen within the newest assertion


  • Denice Zamboanga went after the famous Lee family again in a recent interview
  • The “Lycan Queen” believes Victoria Lee should already be fighting veterans who have the chance to defeat her
  • Zamboanga claimed that many atomic weight fighters also believe that Angela Lee should have been stripped of her title a long time ago

Denice Zamboanga still feels kind of about atomic weight queen Angela Lee but remains flattering to her sister Victoria.

In an exclusive conversation with the International Business Times, Zamboanga said she was impressed with Victoria’s talent and attributes her skills to her coming from a combative family.

Victoria’s skills at such a young age are so good that Zamboanga is already asking her to compete against seasoned fighters in ONE Championship.

“Of course she needs more experience, but that will come the more she fights. I want to see her against the top contenders, and I think she has what it takes to take on more dangerous fighters like Bi Nguyen or Jihin Radzuan. After everything I’ve seen, she’s ready, ”said Zamboanga.

Lee is currently driving a winning streak of three bouts as a professional fighter, two wins by submission and a knockout in her bout against Victoria Souza in September.

It was inevitable that Filipina’s praise for the struggling family would stop when it came to talking about the reigning atomic weight champion.

“Of course we will talk about Angela. She is the champion. That doesn’t mean we’ll overlook our upcoming opponents. But Angela is the heart of the division, and she has the belt, which, by the way, has been in her hand for more than two years. Of course we will talk about Angela, ”assured Zamboanga.

“The Lycan Queen” and the eldest of the Lee siblings were scheduled to fight in 2020, but Angela was absent for an extended period of time because of her pregnancy.

Zamboanga then urged Lee to give up her title out of respect for the other fighters in the division.

ONE Championship Chairman and CEO Chatri Sityodtong backed Lee by saying that it would not be fair to take the title away from her, which led to the recently concluded ONE Women’s Atomweight World Grand Prix.

Stamp Fairtex won the tournament and will face Lee for the title sometime in 2022.

Zamboanga made it clear that she is not the only one frustrated with the situation, pointing out that the title will soon have to be defended.

“It doesn’t matter who you ask of the other atomic weight fighters, they’ll say the same thing. They are just not as loud as we are. Even the media knows it shouldn’t be. At some point the belt has to be back in the game, ”said Zamboanga.

Denice Zamboanga Photo: ONE Championship Photo Publication

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