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A COVID-19 survivor told the Victorian press how the virus stripped her of her dignity and she was unable to go to the bathroom or wash in an intensive care unit.

Victorian resident Kim, 49, said she contracted COVID-19 while cleaning her house last July, as did her husband.

They were all careful not to contract the virus, wore masks and avoided contact.

“Until day 11, I was still bedridden and unable to sleep, with aching limbs and pain that even strong pain relief couldn’t mask,” she said.

“It was with me during my daily COVID call [the Department of Health] that I couldn’t speak properly [and] Fortunately, they noticed how uncomfortable I was and advised me [me] call an ambulance immediately. “

Kim later found that her lungs had collapsed and spent six days in an intensive care unit. She then spent almost a week in isolation in a hospital room.

A few months after she was released from the hospital, Kim said her hair had fallen out unexpectedly.

“I lost about three-quarters of that over a six-week period,” she said. “Before COVID-19, I had no underlying health problems and was a reasonably healthy woman.

“Fourteen months later, I feel like I’ve aged 10 years. I am still feeling the long-term effects of COVID.

“My fitness is severely impaired. I sometimes have brain fog and fatigue [and I’m] make a lot more effort to do the same daily activities. I feel like a lesser version of myself because of this terrible debilitating disease, which makes me sad for mine [boys]. “

Kim urged all Australians not to “play Russian roulette with their health” or with the health of “those you love”.

“Please get vaccinated,” she said.

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