Emmerdale spoilers: Meena vows to kill Victoria in a creepy knife scene

Meena broke into Vic’s house again tonight (Pictures: ITV)

Meena Jutla (Paige Sandhu) was back tonight threatening Victoria Barton (Isabel Hodgins) in Emmerdale.

Returning from Ibiza, Meena has spent the past few days catching up on David’s (Matthew Wolfenden) shootout.

Vic came to David yesterday to check on him, but Meena told her to stay away as she was more than happy to take care of him.

Tonight, Meena broke into her house again, knowing that Vic was still interfering.

With the house empty, Meena wasted no time mocking Victoria for her tidy house and excellent cooking skills.

Meena picked up a knife and pretended to cut her neck open, which clearly indicated that she wanted to murder Victoria.

When Victoria showed up, she was stunned to see Meena in her house.

After making Victoria feel guilty, Meena told her that she thought the best way to help David get better would be to isolate him from those involved in the shooting.

Vic didn’t even respond to Meena’s suggestion, but the look on her face said a lot – that was obviously a bad idea.

After a friendly wave, Meena set off.

With a deadly week in the village, Victoria’s life remains in danger.

Will she listen to Meena and stay away from David?

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