Emmerdale’s Meena targets David on a sick plan after studying that he saved Victoria

Emmerdale aired disgusting scenes on Wednesday night as Meena Jutla tortured her injured boyfriend David Metcalfe and struggled with recent events

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Emmerdale: Meena changes David’s pills

Emmerdale aired a new trauma for David Metcalfe on Wednesday night as he relived the recent shootings.

David almost died during a horrific siege when he was bulleted from Victoria Sugden – after Russ tried to shoot her.

Since then, the character has suffered from nightmares, but also recovers from the injury that is holding him back.

Meena returned to the village from Ibiza and was furious when she discovered that David had spoken to her love rival Victoria.

She has no idea that they recently kissed and have feelings for one another, but she is suspicious now.

Emmerdale aired disgusting scenes Wednesday night when Meena Jutla tortured her injured boyfriend David Metcalfe



Although she knew Victoria liked David, she now believes it is mutual as he jumped in front of a gun to save Victoria’s life.

In the latest episode, she discovered that the ball was meant for Victoria, and she cooked – she asked David’s son Jacob about the fallout.

Suspecting that the couple might have bonded about the moment, she was puzzled as to why no one had spent them together after the siege.

Emmerdale aired a new trauma for David Metcalfe on Wednesday night

Jacob suggested that David would have taken the bullet for everyone, and Meena decided to take the news to Victoria.

She went into her house, sat on the sofa and waited for her to come back – and left her terrified.

Then she made it clear that she didn’t want her anywhere near David, which indicated he was seeing her, which slowed his recovery.

Victoria was furious when Meena practically forbade her to go inside or hang out with him for “long periods of time”.

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As she left, she threateningly told her to stay away as it is best for her partner or he may never get over the incident.

When she returned home, she encouraged David to open up about how he was feeling and what had happened – while he was struggling mentally.

But she tormented him when she hit him most vulnerable, telling her step by step how the siege went.

Just as he was talking about the seconds before the gun went off, it deliberately threw a pile of heavy books on the floor to make a loud noise.

Victoria was furious when Meena practically forbade her to go inside



She feigned pity like it was an accident and she grinned when David explained it was all too much and he couldn’t go on.

He wanted to try again later, but Meena stopped him and told him to sleep before opening again.

Obviously, Meena tried to delay his recovery by encouraging him to bottle it and grinned when she told him to get ready for bed.

In his absence, she was seen trading his extra potent pain relief for regular acetaminophen, which was clearly intended to slow his recovery and make him dependent on her.

Emmerdale airs at 7 p.m. on ITV weekdays and 8 p.m. on Thursdays with an additional episode.

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