Emmerdale’s Wendy Posner killed saving Victoria’s life in devastating twist? | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

The next day, Victoria tells Russ he’ll have the money by midday, and he pretends to be overwhelmed with gratitude.

However, compelled by her guilty conscience, Wendy arrives at the Hide and urges Victoria not to give Russ any money.

She tells Victoria how Russ is blackmailing her with a secret that could ruin her life, but before Wendy can tell Victoria what the secret is, Russ shows up demanding answers as to why the money hasn’t come through.

As Victoria makes to call the police, Russ reaches into his coat and pulls out a sawed-off shotgun.

After taking Vic and Wendy’s phones, Russ secures the door to the hide holding them hostage.

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