Enormous shipments of yachts arrive in Victoria in early Could

26 yachts will be delivered to Ogden Point in early May, where they will be unloaded from a heavy-duty ship into the water.

It is the largest number of yachts brought into town for United Yacht Transport since 2018, said Anthony Utley, managing director of Raven Yacht Shipping, United Yacht’s agent.

Yacht deliveries took place during the pandemic with health and safety precautions, said Utley, who expects most owners to stay close to their home until safety protocols for the pandemic are lifted. “There’s not much sailing this year.”

The 656 foot long MS Chipolbrok Moon carries yachts ranging from 40 feet to more than 30 feet. It comes from Florida, the Caribbean, and Mexico.

Most of the yachts are American owned and go to Washington state, Utley said.

Another group of yacht owners are based in Victoria, he said.

Some of the yachts have Vancouver owners and it will be up to them to determine how to get their ships home, he said.

BC residents are required to stay within their own health authorities due to new travel restrictions, while U.S. yachts sailing to Alaska are banned from entering BC ports.

Utley said while the pandemic has created many problems for yacht owners attempting to navigate new waters, the company’s Florida-to-Victoria shipping service is “able to open the door to new adventures.”

“We look forward to sending them all back after the hurricane season,” said Utley.

The ships, whether new or not, will be serviced and repaired if necessary, he said.

Brian Cant, spokesman for the Greater Victoria Harbor Authority, owner of Ogden Point, said that all yachts are unloaded straight into the water and do not pass through the dock.

Ogden Point typically receives eight to ten yachts for yacht delivery each year.

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