Feeding America CEO visits Victoria | Native Information

Leadership and hard work in Victoria was so impressive the CEO of Feeding America made her way to South Texas to say thank you.

Claire Babineaux-Fontenot CEO of the National Headquarters of Feeding America visited Victoria’s Food Bank of the Golden Crescent Thursday morning. The food bank kept going and working hard through the pandemic. All with a pleasant attitude, which is something the CEO of Feeding America loves to see.

Claire Babineaux-Fontenot CEO Feeding America: I came to Victoria to thank the people of this remarkable community who have really been stepping up when your neighbors need you so desperately. Another is too honor and thank the remarkable team you have right here in your community at the Golden Crescent Food Bank. They have been out there on the front lines from the very beginning of this pandemic and they will be here long after the pandemic because they’ve stepped up to serve their neighbors along with you.”

She hopes to make Victoria a frequent stop in the future. The food bank of the Golden Crescent could always use your donations as well as your time if you would like to volunteer.

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