Fireplace within the Victoria Lodge restricted to at least one room, 20 suites have to be refurbished – Saanich Information

The BC government spent $ 18.5 million on the Comfort Inn hotel at 3020 Blanshard Street to provide affordable housing for the homeless. (Kendra Crighton / News Staff)

Fire in the Victoria Hotel limited to one room, 20 suites need to be refurbished

Firefighters put out the fire at the Comfort Inn in 12 minutes

While a fire in the Comfort Inn hotel was contained in one room on Tuesday morning, 20 suites had to be renovated due to water damage.

Victoria Fire Department deputy chief Dan Atkinson says it was a “content fire,” meaning the fire only affected the contents of the room and did not get into the structure of the building.

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More than 90 people have moved into and outside of Victoria Streets in the past few weeks after the British Columbia government bought the facility to provide more affordable housing for residents of Pandora Avenue or Topaz Park.

In the hotel, three individual sprinkler heads went out, which helped to contain the fire, but caused “significant” water damage in the suites below.

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Atkinson estimates there will be at least 20 suites in need of renovation, such as replacing drywall, mending ceilings, or installing a fan to remove moisture. All were evacuated from the building, but there were no injuries from the fire.

Firefighters put out the fire within 12 minutes of receiving the call at 8:22 a.m.

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