Girl allegedly disregarded COVID quarantine to attend kids’s occasion after visiting Victoria

A Western Australian woman is on trial after allegedly ignoring the rule that anyone entering the state from Victoria must self-isolate for 14 days.

The 29-year-old from Eaton, Bunbury, returned to WA on June 30th after visiting Victoria.

However, she is said to have attended a children’s party on July 11, a few days before the end of her self-isolation period.

According to the police, the woman had contact with numerous people, including older participants, at the children’s party.

She had received a 14-day self-quarantine brief as soon as she arrived at Perth Airport from Victoria.

Authorities were made aware of her suspected quarantine violation and the woman was charged with disobeying an instruction.

She will be brought to court on a date yet to be determined.

Last week the state government made it mandatory for anyone coming to WA from Victoria to undergo a COVID-19 test upon arrival.

You will then need to be retested on day 11 of a mandatory 14-day self-isolation.

“We are doubling the limit on the possible spread of the virus from Victoria,” said Health Secretary Roger Cook on Tuesday.

“We’re obviously taking a very tough stance … we don’t apologize for that.”

In the video below, the Deputy Chief Medical Officer discusses the COVID “Super Spreader”

Deputy Chief Medical Officer Michael Kidd has approached a highly infectious COVID-19 patient linked to outbreaks in South West Sydney.

COVID crime

In another COVID-related incident, a Perth man who spat on a police officer and then claimed to have coronavirus was given a suspended sentence.

Leroy Dimer was fined $ 750 in Perth Magistrates Court this week after being convicted of assaulting an officer in April.

The incident came just two weeks after tough new laws were put in place to protect frontline workers from the coronavirus, including police and health workers.

The maximum sentence for someone who threatens to expose a front-line worker to the coronavirus is seven years in prison.

The suspended sentence sparked outrage from the WA Police Union, which described Dimer’s punishment as inadequate.

WA Police Union President Harry Arnott said Dimer’s act was “heinous”.

“Quite simply, he should be behind bars and the suspended sentence should be grossly inappropriately imposed,” he said.

“It is disappointing that the judges did not realize the gravity of the crime.”

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