GrainCorp Meals modernizes processing facility in Victoria

GrainCorp Foods will upgrade its processing facility in West Footscray, Victoria to provide additional capacity including retail spreads, shortening and shortening.

The project is part of a larger initiative by GrainCorp Oils to integrate its edible oil and spread production, increasing its overall competitiveness and reducing CO2 emissions by approximately 25,000 tons per year.

The broader initiative includes moving GrainCorp Foods ‘processing and packaging operations in Murrarie, Queensland to its existing operations in West Footscray, Victoria, as well as GrainCorp Oilseeds’ operations in Numurkah, Victoria. In return, these operations will be expanded and upgraded to accommodate the additional capacity.

The move will ensure greater integration of the processing and packaging operations from Queensland to Victoria and New South Wales, where oilseeds are already largely grown and shredded.

It will also reduce the transport distance of the final product by 550,000 kilometers per year to customers mainly based in Melbourne and Sydney.

Simon Spittle, Business Operations Director at Wiley, said, “Based on the GrainCorp mandate, we developed a design for the West Footscray upgrade that aligns with the company’s broader integration goals.

“A key outcome of the project will be to improve environmental performance by reducing CO2 emissions by approximately 25,000 tons per year thanks to the shutdown of the coal-fired equipment currently used to generate steam at the Murrarie facility.

“GrainCorp’s investment in its West Footscray and Numurkah sites will eliminate the need for coal-fired plants and allow GrainCorp to invest in more efficient and environmentally sound technology.

“We look forward to working with GrainCorp on upgrading the West Footscray operations and completing them in September.”

Sam Tainsh, General Manager of GrainCorp Oils Group, said, “The project provides a more logical and efficient focus for the procurement, crushing, refining and distribution of GrainCorp’s locally produced edible oils and food ingredients.

“We are excited to have Wiley aboard to help us plan and build the upgrade to our West Footscray facility.

“GrainCorp has worked successfully with Wiley on a previous project. Her know-how in complex food production plants made her the right person for this project.

“The increase in efficiency will ensure that we are able to continue producing canola and other oilseeds grown in Australia and therefore continue to supply related retail products that are increasingly in demand.”

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