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Between the celebration of Canada’s National Tree Day on September 22nd and Tree Appreciation Day on November 4th, the city of Victoria is aiming to achieve its goal of planting 5,000 trees before the end of the year by funding its grant program that helps residents on their private property plants.

Through October 31, Victoria residents can apply for a grant of up to $ 1,000 for a group of 10 residents to plant at least 10 trees on their private property. The funds will be used for the trees, relief supplies such as stakes, deer fences and mulch, as well as hiring a landscape or arborist professional to teach the residents or to plant the trees themselves. A non-profit partner is required to receive the funds, so coordination with a local neighborhood organization is recommended.

DYK? As part of the UNECE #TreesinCitiesChallenge, funds are available for the planting of private properties. #Yyj residents can apply in partnership with a non-profit organization. Over 80 trees were planted with this grant. Apply by October 31: #NationalTreeDay 🌳

– City of Victoria (@CityOfVictoria) September 22, 2021

“We’ve seen really great adoption so far,” said Alex Harned, City of Victoria Food Systems Coordinator. Last year, the Vic West Community Association, coordinated by parishioner Patti Parkhouse, successfully applied for eight grants from the city and planted more than 80 trees as a result, Harned said.

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The city is again promoting the initiative with the return of the fall tree-planting season in September, she said. “It’s really a higher-level focus to encourage citizens to plant trees on private properties to support the urban forest … there are no too small steps you can take.”

Mayor Lisa Helps accepted the challenge of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe Trees and Cities on January 1, 2020. Although the challenge comes from a European Commission, it is global in scope and will provide some funding for the participating municipalities until it is completed in 2022. Victoria is the only Canadian participant in the challenge, said Harned. In light of the restrictions of the COVID pandemic, the City of Victoria plans for walking tours and workshops related to tree planting have been replaced by the grant program to upgrade private land with trees.

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