Have I Bought Information for You’s Ian Hislop on time other than spouse Victoria ‘Lives in Greece!’ | Movie star Information | Showbiz & TV

Ian made his debut on TV in 1983 when he appeared on Loose Talk, then moved to BBC’s Have I Got News for You in 1990.

He is the only person to have appeared in every single episode, even discharging himself from the hospital for filming when he had appendicitis.

The presenter and his wife met while they were both studying at Oxford University.

Reminiscing on how they met, Victoria spoke of how Ian would charge people to borrow his work.

The author told The Daily Telegraph last year: “My husband Ian and I met while I was reading English at Oxford University.

“He was in a different league to me as a student and used to charge me and my friends 50p to borrow his essays!

“I found Oxford very intense – you read so many books, but don’t go into much depth with any of them, which left me feeling a bit cold.”

You can read the full interview in this week’s Radio Times

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