Hearken to Victoria Monét’s new single “Coast in ‘”

Victoria Monét I’m back with new music! The 28-year-old released his first single “Coastin ‘” since the birth of his daughter on August 5th. Hazel Mone Gaines, in February. It’s hard not to feel like you’re driving on the freeway with the windows closed while listening to a truck just sit on the couch at home. This is probably due to the song’s funky bassline and the interpolation of Keni Burke’s “Risin’to the Top”. .

“If the sun and the good times (and probably Lil was drinking) were songs, it would be ‘coastin’!” The singer announced in a press release. “It’s made for people with this good, cool energy, and the baseline makes you feel specific right away. A cry for the stereotype of killing this piece. We’re the last song I wanted to express my freedom to go out with. It feels even better to finally be able to sail freely, create unforgettable memories and have a good time. Car, pool, or it can make a particularly nice noise near the beach. Hit play and let me go to the beach! “You can hear the whole song in the video above.

Listen to Victoria Monét’s new single “Coast in ‘”

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