Help Victoria in her battle in opposition to Most cancers

Hello everyone, my name is Jamie and I’m Victoria’s oldest daughter.
I’m writing this in an attempt to raise donations to assist my mother and our family with upcoming hospital and treatment expenses as my mother fights against Breast Cancer.

A little bit about our family and Victoria. Victoria has been married for 6 years to her husband, Brandon. She has three kids (including myself) that range from the ages of 13-21. We also have three dogs that she absolutely adores to death.
Victoria loves cooking and baking, especially trying new recipes she sees on Pinterest. She spends her days off spending time with family, watching movies and working on her side business.

Unfortunately everything changed drastically,

On September 1st, 2022, Victoria received the devastating news with the results of the mass they found during her mammogram being cancerous. This came as a terrible shock to the entire family… We don’t have any known family history of cancer for as far back as we can remember.
Victoria’s lifestyle is super healthy. Every morning before work around 3-4AM she would work out for 1hr before heading into a 12 hour shift at the hospital. She doesn’t eat many sweets or fast food and mainly ate healthy foods. She definitely led as healthy of a lifestyle as she could.

Victoria is now on the path to needing radiation and pending status on whether chemo is needed as well.
This has been an absolute nightmare for our close knit family but we are staying strong and only ask for those who are unable to donate to please keep Victoria in your hearts and prayers for a safe recovery.

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