Here is an inventory of among the finest meals vehicles in and round Victoria

They’re fast, they’re operational, and there’s plenty of them around Victoria.

No, it’s not parking meters.

It’s food trucks!

And Victoria boasts a diverse selection of fantastic food truck options for all your tummy’s needs.

From brunch to lunch, and everything crunch, Victoria’s food trucks are individually owned and operated and often cost efficient.

Below we list some of our favorite food trucks in the city, but if you feel like we’re missing something, send us a message and we’ll try it out!

With school beginning to usher us into autumn, food trucks will begin their winter hibernation; so, get your meals on wheels while you can!

Taco Justice

A welcome adversary to another popular taco food truck that will go unnamed, Taco Justice is great because, well, it doesn’t move around.

Located at 1580 Cook Street, we recommend the Belly 2 Belly taco—a mouth watering, overflowing taco of epic proportions.

And if you have any dietary restrictions, they’re also gluten-friendly and vegan friendly.

Songhee’s Food Truck

The bannock breakfast sandwich is one of our favorite’s from this Songhees owned and operated food truck at 1502 Admirals Road.

The menu, created by Chef David Roger, offers fresh local ingredients and authentic food embodying the Songhees Nation.

Morning People Food Co.

This food truck, located in Cook Street Village, has a different take on the classic food truck: it serves brunch.

To the savory breakfast sandwiches or smashed or loaded hash to the sweet acai smoothie bowls, this food truck provides exactly what its namesake suggests—food for the morning people.

With a great location, you can grab a nice breakfast sandwich and walk it off on Dallas Road.

Deadbeetz Burgers

Scour the Greater Victoria area for this mobile burger joint!

From a house made quinoa patty to a bourbon bacon jam topped beef patty, Deadbeetz Burgers offers a vast array of burgers topped with in-house made ingredients.

Oh, and they also have ice cream sandwiches.

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