Here is how Victoria ranked on the record of 50 most-loved locations in Canada

British Columbia Legislature (File Photo)

We all know we’re lucky to call such a beautiful place home.

In Victoria, we are steps away from the ocean and delicious food at any given moment and tourists from around the world come to visit and explore our city.

So how does Victoria rank against some of Canada’s other cities?

At the beginning of 2022, Tourism Sentiment Index used the power of artificial intelligence to create the Tourism Sentiment Scorea ranking of the 50 most loved destinations in Canada.

The index finds and analyzes conversations on the internet from around the world. This year, the study included 1.6 billion online conversations and content pieces publicly available about approximately 21,330 global destinations.

Once this was completed, a list was created specifically for Canada, with each location given a ‘top driver, the most commonly referenced draw when it comes to each location.

According to the ranking, Victoria came in 49th place on the national list, with ‘architecture’ as its top driver.

Tofino topped the list of Vancouver Island locations, coming in 8th with ‘beaches’ as its top driver.

Vancouver Island as a whole was also on the list, coming in at 23rd with ‘beaches’ as its top driver.

Other Vancouver Island cities on the list include:

  • 8th: Tofino, ‘Beaches’
  • 15th: Campbell River, ‘Fishing’
  • 22nd: Parksville, ‘Beaches’
  • 23rd: Vancouver Island, ‘Beaches’
  • 28th: ​​Nanaimo, ‘Nature Photography’
  • 32nd: Ucluelet, ‘Wildlife Viewing’
  • 49th: Victoria, ‘Architecture’

You can view the full rankings here.

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