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As unemployment rises due to COVID-19, the demand for food in local food banks and shelters is also increasing.

This has prompted the local organization Food Share Network to compile a list of all the places where people can eat.

More than a million jobs have been lost since the virus, according to Statistics Canada, bringing the national unemployment rate to 7.8 percent – a 2.2 percent increase, representing the largest monthly change in the national unemployment rate over the past 40 years on comparable data.

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Victoria’s Our Place Society saw an initial surge in meals required after forcing more people outside than many properties closed and peaking at up to 1,400 meals a day.

Since more resources have been transferred to Topaz Park, the number has dropped to 1,000 meals a day, which is still in high demand.

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The Food Share Network represents more than 40 local organizations that work together to help people facing food security issues. One of the group members, the Quadra Village Community Center, has made a list of Community Pandemic Resources that offers tips on where to get meals, shelter, sanitary resources and financial aid. The information is available through an online Google Doc.

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