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Shreya Sivakumar, an aspiring scientist and engineer who entered 12th grade at Mount Douglas Secondary School, was one of 39 high school students from across Canada enrolled in an online internship program called Women in Scholarship, Engineering, Science & Technology (WISEST) participated in a paid summer research program at the University of Alberta.

The program offered an integrative space and the opportunity for 11th grade students.

Female and non-gender students were able to explore areas of underrepresentation, particularly in science, engineering and technology. There were also two male students who focused on nursing and nutrition research, an area typically dominated by women.

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“My particular research has identified shortcomings in various scoliosis studies that were examined in 2020 and 2021, and many of those studies looked in depth at surgical techniques for scoliosis and current treatment options,” said Sivakumar. “It is important that this research has been done so that more inferences can be drawn about the field of spinal studies – it is not very common in research because there is no cure yet, only treatment options.”

WISEST also offered the participating students several mentoring opportunities, laboratory tours and advanced training events.

Sivakumar said she gained valuable role models, insightful information, and advice on career paths in engineering.

She hopes to study mechatronics at university, a combination of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and software engineering that she believes will be applicable to many job opportunities in the future.

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