Lengthy Island Medium star Theresa Caputo argues with daughter Victoria over wedding ceremony plans

Theresa Caputo clashed with her daughter Victoria over their upcoming wedding in a teaser trailer for her Discovery Plus series Long Island Medium: There In Spirit.

Victoria announced in a confessional that she was only seven months away from the wedding of her dreams to Michael Mastrandrea when COVID-19 shut her down. She announced that her plans had changed when the show aired a clip of Victoria’s appearance on Say Yes to the Dress. Her intention was to have 300-400 people at her reception and said that no matter how long it was, she would wait until she could have the wedding she had always wanted.

Victoria admitted to Theresa that she didn’t care if she had to postpone the event to 2022 or 2023. However, her fiancé Michael was not. To compromise, Victoria told Theresa that she would keep her original May date with a ceremony conducted by a justice of the peace and that no family members would be in attendance. After that, she would have a small dinner with her clan.

Theresa entered and told her daughter that she wanted to be there when she exchanged vows with Michael. She quoted other family members who would also be disappointed if they could not share in this important moment in Victoria’s life.

The young woman stood firm and said that they would just “sign papers and call it a day”.

Theresa turned to the camera and joked that her daughter and future son-in-law seemed to think that getting married to a justice of the peace was like an errand.

Victoria then shocked her mother with a second option. She said she and her fiance would buy a house, have a baby, and get married if they could.

Viewers of the series appeared to be on Victoria’s side in the clip’s comment section.

“I don’t see anything wrong with what your daughter wants … Nowadays, marriage is not like our grandparents’, so do what feels right,” wrote a follower.

“I would think Theresa could tell when COVID-19 is gone … you know that you talk to ghosts and everything,” joked a second viewer.

“I’m literally going through this with my mom right now, lol,” shared a third user.

“Victoria, go girl! Live the life! You will have enough time for a big wedding. Later, your son or daughter may become your ring bearer! wrote a fourth fan who encouraged Victoria to live her life as she saw fit.

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