Lovell returned to higher home, Coalition features second member in northern Victoria

She will be joined by Bendigo-based Nationals candidate Gaelle Broad to represent the northern Victoria region, which stretches from Mildura to Wodonga and as far south as Broadford.

Emergency Services Minister Jaclyn Symes has also been returned to the upper house, with Labor securing at least one seat in northern Victoria.

There are five members elected per region, with each party or ticket needing to reach a quota — which roughly translates to 16 per cent of the votes cast — to secure a seat.

The Coalition has two quotas and Labor one so far, with preferences between the more than 20 parties running in the region to determine the make-up of the final two spots.

Ms Lovell, speaking on election night, said it was “an honour” to represent the region again, this month marking 20 years in parliament.

The Shepparton-based member said it looked like a “radical, far-left party” in the Animal Justice Party might pick up a seat in the region following a seat in western Victoria last parliament.

She said it was hard to tell if the crossbench would grow or shrink as preferences began to change.

“It’s very difficult to know what the crossbench may look like,” Ms Lovell said.

“The people may think, the chaos of the past the last Parliament we had … ‘that’s not good for democracy’.”

The final two spots in northern Victoria may take days to determine as preferences are calculated.

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