Many enterprise clients in Victoria nonetheless masquerade regardless of the provincial mandate being lifted – Saanich Information

Greater Victoria small business owners look forward to a return to normal as BC moved into the third phase of its July 1 pandemic reopening that undid the province’s masked mandate and the government’s declaration of emergency.

Lower daily case numbers, declining hospital admissions and increasing vaccination rates are the reasons for the lifting of restrictions on masks and other mandates.

“It’s very nice to see people without masks and it’s nice to see smiling faces,” said Norman Cantin, manager at John’s Place, a popular family-run restaurant on Pandora Avenue. “But I’ve talked to some clients about it and they said it was really weird without masks – they almost feel exposed as we’ve all been wearing masks for a year and a half.”

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Cantin said waiting for the constant announcements and changes during the pandemic is stressful for them, but they see more positive trends and are hopeful that things will continue to look upward into summer and fall.

Cook Street Moka House owner Will Sparling said he saw 95 percent of customers still wearing their masks when they ordered their coffee and goodies on July 1.

“From the point of view of the employees, it was a much more relaxed day and we didn’t have to control the surroundings, the customers just stuck to what was before,” he tells their surroundings before they take off their masks.

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