Mysterious ‘loud explosion’ sound rocks Victoria Park neighborhood


The neighborhood around Kitchener’s Victoria Park has been trying to figure out where a mysterious noise is coming from.

Neighbors say they first started hearing it three to four weeks ago and add that it sounds like a loud explosion, truck backfiring, gunfire, or a canon going off.

“Other times it comes as if a bolt of lightning has struck in your backyard,” said neighbor Anthony Scarfone. “The thunder after is immense and it shakes the house.”

The noise has apparently been happening inconsistently and has been impossible to record.

Residents of Theresa Street have resorted to calling bylaw and police.

“We’re trying to get ahead of it before someone’s windows blow out,” said Scarfone. “That’s how strong it is.”

Turns out, the spring melt, combined with a series of unfortunate events at the Ukrainian Catholic Center on Michael, Street, are the reason for the sounds.

“Basically it was the cold,” said Father Myroslaw Tataryn. “We’ve had a really bad winter, and speaking with the insurance people they said they’re not surprised.

“There was a problem with the boiler, and then some of the pipes froze and burst, so we’ve had issues.”

A flood in the basement lead to the center needing two generators.

“The temporary heating system that was set up by the cleaner was having a noise problem unfortunately. We’re sorry, we didn’t plan it.”

Kitchener bylaw says they’ve ordered the restoration and for the cleaning company to either replace or fix the machine.

“It has affected us because we would have been using the hall for storage of donations and we just can’t, said Fr. Tataryn.

Some neighbors tell CTV News they’re happy the mystery has been solved and hold no anger to the church, while others say they’re not convinced that it was the source of the sound.

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