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The year changed, but the ongoing trend of marine equipment being reported stolen in and around the Royal Victoria Yacht Club did not.

On the first Saturday of the new decade, the Oak Bay Police Department received two reports of major thefts from the area. A Suzuki outboard motor from a dinghy in the yacht club is missing. A 15-foot Zephyr kayak is also missing at a separate address near the 2600 block of Currie Street. The kayak is colored red. Both items were reported missing overnight.

The thefts are the latest in a surge in activity in the area, despite additional action by Oak Bay Police.

“We have assigned a liaison officer and increased our patrols – both visible and unmarked patrols,” said Ray Bernoties, deputy chief of Oak Bay. “We ask anyone who sees suspicious activity in the area to call 911.”

The first Monday in 2020 means many are going back to work and school. This means more traffic on the streets, more children crossing the streets, more cyclists and school zones. This causes some drivers to drive faster and become less patient, but the exact opposite is required.

– Oak Bay Police (@OakBayPolice) January 6, 2020

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At around 3 p.m. on Friday, the driver of a last-generation Fiat model lost control of the vehicle while driving north and collided with a Garry oak tree north of McNeill Avenue. The crash split the tree (which was removed by Oak Bay employees) and sent a large chunk of it into the hydropol. Fortunately, only telecommunication lines were affected.

On Saturday, police responded to a report of a suspect in a shop on the 2000 block of Cadboro Bay Road. Police found a man who walked out of the area and watched him commit a violation of the Motor Vehicle Act. He has been identified and has been found to have an arrest warrant against him.

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The new year also turned with the first reported theft of Oak Bay from an unlocked vehicle. The first report of the week, dated December 30, came when a resident of the 2000 block of Foul Bay Road had his car broken in and personal electronics stolen at some point overnight. The first theft from an unlocked vehicle in 2020 was reported from the 2900 block on Henderson Road after New Year’s Eve. Items were “ruffled” even though nothing was removed.

The police have not yet identified any suspects and are urging residents to lock vehicles and keep valuables out of sight.

Anyone with information regarding the above incidents is encouraged to call the Oak Bay Police Department at 250-592-2424.

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