New tips for meals companies in Victoria

As the state meets its 80 percent vaccination goal, the Victorian government has enacted new public health requirements for the hospitality industry. As of Friday 29 October 18:00 the Melbourne metropolitan area and Victoria region will be subject to the following restrictions:

  • Masks are compulsory indoors, but no longer compulsory outdoors.
  • Most indoor facilities such as restaurants and pubs can open without capacity restrictions as long as they operate at the density limit of one person per four square meters and all staff and customers (except general retail) are fully vaccinated.
  • Most outdoor areas where staff and customers are fully vaccinated can operate at the density limit of one person per two square meters.
  • These indoor and outdoor restrictions also apply to weddings and funerals when all attendees are fully vaccinated. If the vaccination status is unknown, a capacity limit of 30 people applies.
  • Entertainment venues with indoor seating such as movie theaters and theaters can operate at a capacity limit of 75 percent or a density limit of one person per four square meters for up to 1,000 people. Non-seated indoor entertainment venues can operate at a rule of one person per four square meters with no customer cap.
  • Stadiums, zoos and other outdoor entertainment venues with and without seats can operate with the density limit of one person per two square meters for up to 5,000 people. Employees and customers must be fully vaccinated.
  • Music festivals and other events can accommodate up to 5,000 attendees, subject to any venue restrictions.

Proof of compulsory vaccination

Businesses that are required to verify proof of full vaccination before allowing entry to customers over the age of 16 can do so by verifying:

  • Digital COVID-19 certificate in the Service Victoria app
  • Digital COVID-19 certificate in a smartphone wallet
  • Printed copy of their digital COVID-19 certificate along with a photo ID
  • Statement of vaccination history along with a photo ID
  • Certificate from the Australian Immunization Registry along with a photo ID
  • Medical exemption certificate or letter from an authorized doctor and photo ID

Vaccination requirements for food workers

Workers in certain industries, including volunteers, contractors and interns, must provide their employer with proof of full vaccination by November 26, 2021 to continue working outside the home. For food companies, these are workers in:

  • Food and beverage businesses such as restaurants, food courts, coffee shops, licensed premises, cafeterias, wineries and food trucks
  • Supermarkets, grocery stores, butchers, bakeries, greengrocers and fishmongers
  • food production
  • Processing of meat and seafood
  • Agriculture

Victoria plans to ease further restrictions once the state meets its 90 percent vaccination target, which is expected towards the end of November.

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