Nicole Victoria’s Monetary Teaching Biz ‘No Funds Babe’ presents an unlikely answer to rising your wealth

Nicole Victoria’s Financial Coaching Biz ‘No Budget Babe’ offers an unlikely solution to growing your wealth

Nicole Victorias Life sounds like a script for a lifetime movie. You know the plot – family problems, young love, tough times, and then a fantastic finale.

But Nicole Victoria is not a movie character. She is a real person who has had an incredible journey. Most of all, she’s a financial guru who has the courage to take risks and turn those opportunities into cold, hard money.

As a money coach and financial literacy advocate who specializes in helping women in their 20s and 30s find financial freedom, Nicole Victoria is about sharing her tricks. She teaches her clients how to effortlessly manage their money and build bank accounts that never stop growing.

Back to top

But back to the script of the Lifetime film. There have certainly been problems and tough times. Let’s be honest. No ice-cold financial giant can get to the top without some fighting.

At the age of 16, Nicole moved out of her parents’ house to live alone. That independence brought responsibility and she had to drop out of high school to work full-time and support herself. As they say, “Growing up is tough.”

Nicole eventually hit rock bottom, drank and partied too much. And one day enough was enough. She decided to quit school and go to college, where she completed four years of study in just two years, taking additional courses each semester. And while her Bachelor of Commerce was an essential step in her financial success, she initially owed $ 40,000.

Getting a job as a pharmaceutical buyer and working at a real estate agent on weekends was the first step in paying off that debt. But Nicole knew she needed more ways to make money. It wasn’t until Nicole learned to “win” with money that she began to thrive. For Nicole, “winning with money” means understanding how different types of income work and the psychology behind building a financial portfolio. As she realized these aspects, she began to see her life change.

No budget babe is born

And these changes came quickly and violently. As a self-taught financial expert, Nicole increased her value from negative to $ 500,000 in just a few years. At that point, she knew she had something big to share with others – and so was her company, Not a budget babe, originated.

From the beginning, Nicole had one goal for her company: to teach other women how to control their finances so that they can finally live the life of their dreams. Finding this opportunity was just as beneficial to Nicole, who always knew that living 9 to 5 just wasn’t her style.

Married her high school sweetheart Justin and raising two-year-old Liam makes her very happy. Nicole has some pretty impressive stats on her resume, however. Aside from being named one of Yahoo Finance’s Top Money Coaches in 2020, their breakout company is well on its way to hitting a seven-figure figure this year. Not bad for a pandemic-era start-up.

But wait – there is more. Do you remember $ 40,000 in college debt? She paid that down to $ 0 in a year and a half. And that $ 500,000 in net worth she’d made in her 20s was her real estate and stock market expertise that was hard at work. Now in her 30s, Nicole is a self-made millionaire who wants to teach others to do the same.

The no-budget philosophy

You’d think their approach is about a strict budget – and you’d be wrong. Nicole explains what she thinks of budgets. “My leading philosophy that I teach, and what sets me apart from any other personal finance coach I’ve seen, is my belief that budgets don’t work.”

That conclusion, says Nicole, is based on data. “Studies have shown time and again that budgets don’t work in the long term. I believe that budgets are the diet of the financial industry. ”

Nicole explains that on a budget, like dieting, you can get short-term results, but you will eventually feel deprived and limited. This feeling almost always leads to a consumption frenzy, just as a restriction in diet leads to a food frenzy. When it’s all over you will feel defeated so go back to your budget or diet.

“Plus,” says Nicole, “over-reliance on a budget to solve all of your problems keeps you broke. We like to think it’s that magic pill. If you have problems with funding, ask someone what to do and they will ask if you have a budget. ”Nicole explains that the budget solution, while popular, is highly ineffective. Hence, their best advice is an unlikely solution – give up the budget.

Cut the budget

Nicole’s “No Budget” philosophy was the starting point for her coaching business, No Budget Babe. She strongly believes that knowledge is power and that there are no magic pills to make you rich. Nicole says the only thing that stands between you and your financial freedom is your mindset. When you’re ready to give up the budget, Not a budget babe Nicole Victoria has some solid solutions to help you get your money into financial freedom.

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Published on May 9, 2021

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