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Prime Minister Daniel Andrews has warned that as long as Victorians continue to visit friends and family and wait days to be tested for coronavirus, strict lockdown measures will remain in place.

Mr Andrews’ stern message, particularly aimed at young Victorians, came Thursday when fully vaccinated people in NSW were promised outdoor gatherings with up to four friends through September 13, despite the state’s record of 1,029 new COVIDs -19 cases.

Australian Defense Forces forces knock on Shepparton residents, who are told to self-isolate.Credit:Justin McManus

“The longer people break the rules, the longer those rules will last,” said Andrews.

While 80 new locally acquired cases were registered in Victoria yesterday, Chief Health Officer Sutton said it was too early to discuss whether the state lockdown would continue in its current form beyond the scheduled end date towards the end of next week.

It is also still uncertain whether schools in Victoria will return to face-to-face teaching before the start of the public school holidays on September 18.

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