NSW movers go to areas in Victoria, SA whereas contaminated with viruses

Authorities have revealed that an NSW removal worker was visiting Victoria and South Australia while he was infectious. Image: NCA NewsWire / Daniel Pockett

A furniture removal company from NSW who visited locations in Victoria and South Australia tested positive for Covid-19.

Victorian Health Secretary Martin Foley confirmed Monday that the man who tested positive for the virus late Sunday night was in the states while he was contagious.

Mr Foley said he believed there would be “multiple exposure sites” in the authorities’ investigation.

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“We will try to close the gaps as soon as possible, but we expect there will be exposure sites and people will need to be quarantined,” said Foley.

“NSW Public Health gave us initial high-level results from their interview last night about this person’s movements in Victoria.”

Mr Foley said the removal worker visited households in Victoria and SA while at work.

The man stayed in Victoria on July 8, before heading to South Australia on July 9 and returning to NSW on July 10 to take a test.

He tested positive on July 11th.

It comes as Victoria has had a 12 straight day without a locally acquired Covid-19 case and NSW is struggling to contain its aggressive outbreak of the highly contagious Delta Tribe.

There’s more to come

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