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A herd of miniature donkeys was imported from the United States and quarantined at the Mickleham Post Entry Quarantine Facility in Victoria.

Andrew Tongue, head of the Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment biosecurity division, said all animals imported into Australia, large or small, must be quarantined.

“Like all horses, donkeys and mules imported into Australia, these miniature donkeys had to go through a fourteen-day quarantine before export in their country of origin, followed by two weeks in PEQ in Mickleham,” he said.

“Donkeys could carry diseases that Australia is currently free from, such as equine influenza, equine piroplasmosis and equine contagious demetritis.

“That means they have to quarantine – no matter how cute they are.”

The mini donkeys were imported from a breeder in Victoria, he said.

“We don’t have a lot of bloodlines here in Australia so the importer brought them in to bolster their breeding business with new, high-quality bloodlines,” he said.

He said the donkeys would settle in their new Victoria home after “thoroughly charming” the Mickleham staff.

“Australia has strict animal import conditions to protect us from significant biosecurity risks, and our world-class PEQ facility and staff also play an important role,” he said.

“They help ensure that all imported animals meet our conditions and do not carry any potential pests or diseases in them before they are released.

“Biosecurity is everyone’s responsibility and it is up to all of us to do our part to keep Australia safe.

“If you are considering importing animals, plants, or other goods from overseas, make sure you know and follow our terms.”

This Victoria Imported Tiny Asses story first appeared on Stock & Land.

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