Racing Victoria is torn about avoiding Kah from the night time broadcast of the awards reveals

It was a hot and divisive topic in the corridors of Racing Victoria – should suspended jockey Jamie Kah attend the Victorian Industry Awards broadcast on Sunday?

Racing Victoria executives are divided over whether to keep banned jockey Jamie Kah from attending the industry’s marquee awards night on Sunday.

Kah has not made a public appearance since she was banned for three months because of the infamous Airbnb house party, and it is now disputed whether she will be interviewed when accepting awards at the annual Victorian awards show, which is broadcast in racing. com

There is a train of thought that as the outstanding Melbourne jockey Kah just needs to be on the TV show and interviewed by

There is another line of thought that it would look bad if a participant who recently received a much-publicized ban were to be publicly celebrated like this.

It’s a delicate situation because if Kah were to be interviewed on the night of the awards show, viewers would rightly expect to ask Kah about their ban.

The awards ceremony will be hosted by Jason Richardson, who has the same manager as Kah.

The request to include or exclude Kah from the nightly broadcast of the awards shows is believed to have originated from Racing Victoria and not from the broadcaster.

High-level discussions about Kah’s participation in the show continue.

Racing Victoria has confirmed that Kah is eligible to win awards that evening, including the prestigious Scobie Breasley Medal, which recognizes excellence in racing on the Melbourne circuits.

With a record of 105 city wins last season, Kah would be the hot favorite to win the Scobie Breasley and she also receives an award for winning the Melbourne Premiership.

After disqualified trainer Darren Weir, Racing Victoria officials changed the criteria for qualifying licensed individuals to win awards.

However, RV says Kah’s ban on breaking races and Covid logs will not be counted against them in Sunday’s awards show as the awards show relates to accomplishments from the previous racing season.

However, News Corp can reveal that Kah is not eligible to win an award in the current racing season as their ban was imposed that season.

Racing Victoria said in a statement made available to News Corp: “Racing Victoria (RV) introduced new criteria for awarding awards in 2019, including the requirement that any licensed person be banned for a period of two months or more is or is disqualified for any period of time is automatically not eligible to win premier presidencies, medals or awards in the racing season in which it takes place.

The criteria also include a discretionary clause for RV to revoke any premier presidency, medal, or award for any season if the licensed individual has committed misconduct that has undermined the sport.

“In view of the three-month ban that Jamie Kah was suspended on August 27, 2021 by the stewards for violating the racing rules on August 25, 2021.

“RV finally decided that Ms. Kah would remain eligible for any premier presidency, medal, or award for the 2020-21 racing season ending July 31, 2021, based on the fact that her racing rule violation had not occurred that season and this happened to not question the integrity of races.

RV further noted that any revocation would result in Ms. Kah’s historic accomplishments being officially removed from the racing history books for the 2020-21 racing season and that Ms. Kah believed Ms. Kah was already appropriate for her violation of the racing rules was punished.

Accordingly, Ms. Kah will retain the 2020-21 Victorian Metropolitan Jockeys Premiership and will be eligible for any other awards presented at the 2021 Victorian Racing Awards that will be broadcast on this Sunday evening following the cancellation of the scheduled dinner event of Covid restrictions.

“According to RV’s eligibility criteria, Ms. Kah was not automatically awarded any premiership, award or medal for the 2021-22 racing season, which began August 1, 2021 and ends July 31, 2022.”

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