Rewarded for the return of a canine that fled a violent assault in downtown Victoria

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The victim of arbitrary violence in downtown Victoria is offering a reward for the safe return of her dog, last seen on the run the Friday before the attack.

Rebecca Ellis was waiting in her van to pick up her partner Alex Painter after work on Pembroke Street.

She was shocked when she heard this and saw a man smash the windows of a jeep parked directly behind her.

She started her vehicle and was about to drive off when the man armed with a hammer started her vehicle.

“I was scared for my life,” said Ellis, a nurse. “I wasn’t sure of his intentions or what his next step might be.”

She jumped out of her vehicle and ran to safety.

In the confusion, Camper, a two-year-old pit bull mix, also jumped out of the vehicle. She was last seen running down Government Street.

The attacker was eventually arrested, but the dog was nowhere to be found.

Up to 30 people helped locate campers over the weekend – including random strangers and volunteers at Find Lost and Escaped Dogs (FLED) Vancouver Island and Reuniting Owners with Animals Missing (ROAM).

“She’s super obedient and I walk her off the leash all the time,” Ellis said of Camper, who was adopted by Painter from the Humane Society’s shelter in Regina in 2019. “I just want her back, no questions.”

For the safe return of campers, she and her partner offer a reward, the amount of which she does not want to reveal.

So far there are no indications.

The Victoria Police Department, which issued a bulletin on the animal’s disappearance over the weekend, has received no reports of sightings.

“It’s not uncommon for a dog to run away under these circumstances,” said Jill Oakley, founder of FLED Vancouver Island. “She was obviously traumatized by all the breaking glass and witnessed her owner being in obvious distress.”

She said there were reports of a dog, matching Camper’s description, walking around the parliament buildings and heading towards Beacon Hill Park.

Dozens of lost pet posters were posted in the area, along with email notifications to volunteers and social media notices.

On Monday, Ellis and Painter looked around Beacon Hill Park, an area they used to run frequently, making it familiar terrain for campers.

Camper weighs about 40 pounds and was last seen wearing a pink collar with her name on it. It was microchipped and tattooed for clear identification.

For information on campers, call FLED at 250-479-0911 or 250-213-1420.

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