Sandra Richardson: Try our Pulse to see what the Victoria Basis is doing

This week the Victoria Foundation released the Summer 2021 issue of Pulse magazine, a publication I like to consider the “what’s next” for our annual Vital Signs report. While Vital Signs is concerned with the health and vitality of our community and focuses on what is working and what is not, Pulse explores how the Victoria Foundation and other organizations in our community are working to address the shortcomings that Vital Signs is highlighting.

For example, this summer’s edition highlights a number of organizations that have received grants from the Victoria Foundation to support them in their essential work in our community, especially in this challenging year last year. For example, the Peers Victoria Resources Society received a community emergency fund last year to support their work of serving peer-peer protection and cultural support. And the Victoria Community Food Hub used a Rapid Relief Fund grant to help 10,000 households in our area to plant their own gardens. The stories of both organizations are featured in Pulse along with many others.

This year we also devoted a lot of space to highlighting some of the Victoria Foundation’s investment practices. To adapt to the ever-changing world we live in, the Victoria Foundation is constantly evolving, as are our investment beliefs. Our donors evolve, as do local and global needs, all factors that play a role in making decisions about how we manage the funds entrusted to us to invest in the good of our community.

Our investment beliefs are evolving through, among other things, an increasing focus on responsible investing, a number of strategies in our portfolio that allow us to ensure that our donors’ money is used wisely regardless of the stage of the investment / grant cycle it’s in. This one Approach involves the use of environmental, social and governance criteria and the UN Sustainable Development Goals when considering new investments as well as investments in companies, organizations and funds that also intend to have a measurable, positive social or environmental impact – a financial one Return.

The Victoria Foundation has worked to improve our community for 85 years. Much has changed during this time and much has continued to change. Our organization has continually evolved to accommodate this change and we are committed to continuing this journey based on the needs of the community and the needs of our donors and the organizations we support.

To learn more, I recommend getting a copy of Pulse magazine on the community or going to to read our online edition and find a list of frequently asked questions.

Sandra Richardson is the CEO of the Victoria Foundation.

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