Sandra Richardson: Victoria Basis Annual Overview

2021 was a remarkable year for the Victoria Foundation. There were challenges: the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the ongoing need for more justice for so many people, the terrible memories of our troubled national past. Sometimes it felt scary. But the challenges have also made us work harder, dig deeper for solutions, and do some important soul searches.

The year started with good news, with the foundation announcing that it would be giving away $ 300,000 to 12 organizations working to advance gender equality. The funds came from a new collaboration with Community Foundations of Canada and the Government of Canada and supported some really ambitious local projects.

In February, in partnership with Vantage Point and the Vancouver Foundation, we released a second report tracking the impact of the pandemic on the nonprofit sector. The news wasn’t good. The report showed that nearly 48 percent of nonprofits faced potential closure and that organizations related to arts, sports, religious groups, and racist communities were struggling the most.

In response, in July we celebrated the disbursement of $ 3.13 million through our Community Recovery Program to charities still surviving the effects of the pandemic. This funding provided much-needed public resources to 142 organizations in our region. Many thanks go to our donors who made this possible.

The Victoria Foundation’s 85th anniversary was celebrated in 2021 by celebrating the foundation’s humble beginnings, its current achievements and its bright future. The last 20 years in particular were highlighted as net worth rose from $ 23.7 million to over $ 394 million in late October 2021, and payouts have hit record highs in recent years.

In October we were proud to launch the 16th Victoria’s Vital Signs with a focus on Justice and Inclusion and to launch a new online data hub: Vital Victoria. It is a testament to the hard work of our board of directors, staff and volunteers that we continue to produce Vital Signs during the pandemic. If you haven’t read the report or explored Vital Victoria, I recommend going to to do so.

Finally, we were proud to partner with Coast Capital and the Canadian Urban Institute to host Vital Conversations: Building an Inclusive Economy at the CUIxVictoria event. The entire three-day event was characterized by stimulating and stimulating discussions and we were very pleased to be able to make a contribution.

2021 was a year of growth and adjustment, challenges and opportunities. And while there is still so much to do, I am proud of the way we have grown as a community and as an organization on this occasion. Here is to continue that work in 2022.

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Sandra Richardson is the CEO of the Victoria Foundation.

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