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Plans for a large warehouse in Sydney continue to meet with diverse reactions.

Many of the filings presented to Sidney city councils at their upcoming session on Tuesday, May 25, focus on the impact of the proposed camp – nearly 23 meters high – on local traffic. York Realty plans to build the proposed building (the total gross area of ​​which will exceed six standard-size football fields) and then rent it to a “last mile sales company” whose identity remains unknown.

The official project description on the website of the Victoria Airport Authority (VAA), which has the final approval authority, admits that the camp would “naturally” lead to more traffic in the area, but promises to mitigate the effects through planning.

“(Delivery) shipping schedules should take place outside of rush hour and avoid morning and late afternoon traffic,” it says. “The arrivals and departures of liner vans will only take place in the late evening and will reach the site from the western access point (away from the residential properties along Galaran Road) and reverse into a closed structure.”

Less specific is the VAA’s response to calls by the City of Sidney to take a “leadership role” with York Realty, the Sidney and North Saanich Townships, and other stakeholders to ensure that a roundabout is planned and built at the intersection of Beacon Avenue West and Galaran Road to realign the nearby Stirling Way according to a recent traffic study.

The VAA authorities have promised to take these and other recommendations seriously without having made any firm commitments.

“As part of a series of traffic improvements recommended in the (Beacon West Traffic Study), the VAA is currently in talks with both municipalities on how the construction of the roundabout (on the corner of Beacon Avenue and Galaran Road) can be implemented. “Reads the official project description.

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Critics of the camp see it differently. Richard and Marilyn Taylor said in their letter that the parties involved have never shown adequate guidance over the increasing traffic in the area.

“This project will further increase the risk associated with negotiations in this area,” it says.

The most recent exchange of letters on this subject also repeats familiar comments about the visual impact of the facility, but also contains statements of support.

“York Realty shouldn’t be taken for granted or taken for granted the way we do,” said Scott Adams of Adams Storage. “A company of this caliber and strength will provide our communities with opportunities like no other. Let’s show them the support they have to believe in (Victoria International Airport) enough to make such a big investment. “

The project is estimated to be worth over $ 50 million.

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Sidney City Councils consider this correspondence approximately two weeks after a number of recommendations have been adopted calling for various improvements without giving a definitive opinion for or against the proposal. A correspondent praised Sidney’s approach. “I think it’s thorough, supports concerns, and is reasonable (in terms of) the impact on residents and traffic,” said Lynda Comber. “One thing I would have liked to mention is the fact that their trucks (and such) come and go at night, which could be a noisy business for local residents.”

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