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When it comes to car buying, most of us don’t buy tires in one store, doors in another, and brakes in another. If vehicles aren’t your passion, chances are you’ll find a dealer that has everything you need to get on the road.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have everything you need in one place when you buy insurance, just like a car? You save time and benefit from a team of experts who ensure that you have all the components you need.

“We are a single point of contact for everything you need to insure,” says Bonnie Dawson, branch manager in the Victoria office of HUB International Canada West. “And we can offer strong customer service because we know the whole story of the customer.”

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Other agencies may only offer auto or home insurance, but HUB International Canada West has it all. Commercial and personal insurance, group benefits, life and disability, and auto insurance and more. Not only is it convenient for clients, but it also allows brokers to fill in potential gaps in coverage needs.

“We have relationships with several carriers, so we look for the best combinations that are tailored to individual needs. We have the ability to extend loyalty discounts, discounts for multiple policies and multiple lines as everything is managed by the same brokerage company. As an example, our team of specialists is looking into how we can bundle a package that gives you more for your money. We can assess whether it makes sense to move coverage from many policies to one flat policy, depending on your insurable needs, ”says Dawson.

Customer oriented broker

HUB insures all aspects of your life, from toys like boats and motorcycles to employee benefit packages for your company’s employees. Dawson has seen an increase in customers considering life insurance and disability insurance, either to increase their current limit or to purchase a new policy. HUB and want customers to know that they can offer these products too!

Your local real estate agent offers personalized, neighborly service and with offices throughout British Columbia and beyond, assistance is always available when you need it. Do you have a vacation home in the Okanagan? Do you have a nephew in Prince George? Your local office can help remotely, and there is a HUB office in the neighborhood as well.

Flexible service model

Vice President of Operations Mike Wiebenga has been part of the HUB Victoria office for many years and is proud of the new, flexible services they have been able to offer their customers during the pandemic and beyond.

“In the course of the times we have developed tailor-made solutions for every need – we can now extend the car insurance in the branch or on the phone or even deliver documents to your door,” he says. “As a company, we are always looking for ways to better serve our customers.”

For Victoria commercial and personal insurance, visit Hub International at 2640 Douglas St. or call 250-385-6313.


HUB International’s Colwood office is ready to assist you with all of your insurance needs and can connect you with risk management resources to guide your business through these challenging times.

Many interests, one broker: simplify your insurance!Do you need help insuring your home, boat or do you offer health services to your employees?  There is a HUB insurance broker near you who can help (pre-COVID-19 photo).

Do you need help insuring your home, boat or do you offer health services to your employees? There is a HUB insurance broker near you who can help (pre-COVID-19 photo).

Many interests, one broker: simplify your insurance!

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