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I wasn’t referring specifically to anyone. I’ve been in this place a long time, and when governments come up with plans to get things done, there will always be those who try to undermine them for their own ends.

It happens in this place every day. I suspect it will happen later in Question Time today.

My point is simply this: there are a number of things that we must overcome as we move forward with the plan. Of course there will be those who are undermining it for political reasons and it comes as no great surprise and the Australians will judge them accordingly.

I think I mentioned one in particular, and there are those who might fear what would happen after 70%. I understand that.

I understand people are concerned that cases might increase. What will that mean? That leads to the next topic, and there will be – will our public health systems be able to handle it?

Again, a very legitimate topic. So this is my point. To achieve 70% and 80% of the plan, the task is not to go away, not to delay the task, the task is not to be afraid, the task is to hug, prepare, plan, ensure that we’re in a position to do that.

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