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– Photography by Lia Crowe styling makeup by Jen Clark

Three incredible women who have made art their careers talk about why they love their work in beautiful fall fashion that reflects their individual style.

Heather Wheeler

Owner, The Avenue Gallery

Slim pants from Sympli ($ 119), Go-to-Tank ($ 89) from Sympli, and Dakota jacket from

Et Lois ($ 278), all from Auréa Gems & Essential Luxuries.

“Running a successful art gallery is more than a passion for beautiful things, it is a highly creative endeavor in itself. From our first contact with artists to curating the collections to the fulfillment of being part of the connection between the artwork and the patron – which gives every work a sense of completion – that’s what I love. “

Amy Boyle

Executive Assistant, West End Gallery

Strawbry Swirl Printed Shirt ($ 239) and Strawbry Swirl Bodycon Dress ($ 359) from Ted Baker and Pennie Sandal ($ 230) from Shoe the Bear, all from Bernstein & Gold.

“Art is so personal – it can reflect a mood, a memory or an aesthetic.

I love that it can be like a puzzle. It is so satisfying to associate the right person with the right painting because it can make such a huge impact in daily life.

You live with it and an original work of art can change completely

the feeling of a room. “

Anahita Ranjbar

Gallery owner, Winchester Galleries

Silk blouse ($ 589) and sequin skirt ($ 475) from Luisa Cerano, both from Bagheera Boutique.

“I love the dynamic environment of the art gallery, from historic works of art to new artists. Curating new exhibitions is always a challenge and requires the collaboration of the entire team. Being part of the Winchester Galleries team has been one of the best experiences of my professional life. Working with artists and art collectors builds my knowledge every day and helps me better represent the gallery and the artists. After all, that’s what makes me feel really alive and happy in life when I deal with the world of art. “

Production by Don Denton

Photographed on location on Gary Oak Meadow in Government House

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