The Metropolis of Victoria asks for suggestions on data distribution | authorities

The Department of Communications and Public Affairs for the City of Victoria is inviting residents to take part in a survey on the city’s methods of sharing news and information with the public so that the department can incorporate the feedback into their strategic planning.

“We want to make full use of various means of communication – traditional and non-traditional – to meet residents where they are,” said Communications Director Ashley Strevel. “For this we need the feedback from our residents so that we can best meet their needs.”

Residents can visit for a quick survey about their preferences and engagement methods. The survey asks residents which channels of information they prefer to receive city news through, and checks if they are familiar with various tools that communication uses consistently, from social media to cable television and more.

The survey results will remain anonymous and will be used to tailor the city’s public relations.

This story was updated on September 29, 2021 to correct the byline.

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