TikTok launches internet collection with help from Display screen Australia and Movie Victoria Assist

The first web series, funded by both Screen Australia and Film Victoria for TikTok, kicks off May 17th.

Produced by Hayley Adams and Michelle Melky and directed by Logan Mucha, Scattered is a new queer drama consisting of 38 x 1 minute daily episodes.

It follows three best friends, Jules, Sami, and Bo, the day after their friend Wil’s funeral, when they wake up with a brutal hangover and one person less, Wil … well, his ashes.

As the series progresses, the friends retrace their steps to find his ashes and give him the parting he deserves. TikTok has become the platform for queer communities to collect and create art, memes and trends online.

Bringing this queer series to the platform in 2021 is the perfect combination of emotional filmmaking and a platform for mass distribution. Since the trailer was released earlier this week, the account has already gained 700,000 views, 40,000 followers, 230,000 likes and 1,500 comments, all before a series episode was released.

@ scatteredseriesFull series only on TikTok. Coming soon. #gaytok #queer #LGBT #webseries

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This is not the first creative collaboration between Adams (2021 Screen Forever Ones to Watch) and Melky (Creative Producer of the youth entertainment agency Amplify). Previously, they produced and directed Love Songs, the world’s first narrative series for TikTok – 21 x 1-minute episodes with more than 140,000 followers, 12 million views and 2.5 million likes, with the highly anticipated season 2 now being released in collaboration with Tinder becomes .

In the second season, the Australian TikTokers play with a total of 4 million fans. Scattered plays an up-and-coming cast of relative newcomers, including the three main cast – Zenya Carmelotti as Sami, Kurt Pimblett as Bo, and Campbell Connelly as Jules. It was co-written by Logan Mucha, Kate Darrigan and Adolfo Aranjuez and shot on location in Melbourne.

Lee Naimo, Senior Online Investment Manager at Screen Australia, said, “We are really proud to be supporting this clever and engaging series by a talented team with a proven track record of creating entertaining content in bite-sized episodes. The trailer is already making an impression[1]I can’t wait to see the entire series reach audiences on TikTok. “

Caroline Pitcher, CEO of Film Victoria, said: “Moving, varied and beautifully shot, Scattered has raised the bar for the Australian TikTok series. We can’t wait to see audiences embrace this heartfelt film story and are encouraging more Victorian creative teams to take the plunge into vertical production. “

Scattered, in partnership with Film Victoria, has received the main production grant from Screen Australia.

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