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Volunteers tend to fruit trees and surrounding plants in the Vic West parish orchard. The City of Victoria is offering new start-up grants for community gardening to eligible community organizations. (Courtesy of the City of Victoria)

Victoria offers entry fee for new community gardens

Funding is available to help underserved neighborhoods create local food sources

Growing your own groceries in your own garden or on a larger property or orchard in the neighborhood can be a great way to ensure some level of food security.

The City of Victoria supports such campaigns and is now accepting applications for its Community Garden Start-up Grant 2021. The funds will be made available to eligible organizations to cover the cost of designing, planning and conducting public engagement for new community gardens or orchards, and to cover the cost of building such gardens in the city.

The grant includes up to $ 5,000 for design and public engagement and up to $ 10,000 to build the garden. The city will primarily support neighborhoods without existing community gardens and those with higher population densities.

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There are three types of gardens: community gardens, community areas that are volunteered and managed and the harvest of which is available to the public; Allotments in which individual parcels are rented, tended and harvested by members; and community orchards, fruit or nut trees that are tended and harvested by a local organization, with the products going to the community.

The application deadline is October 22nd, funding will be awarded in December.

Application forms and other information are available online at For more information on creating a community garden, see

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