Victoria Beckham shocks followers with altering appears to be like throughout a stay TV interview

Victoria Beckham appeared on live television today and viewers were stunned by her changing looks.

Victoria Beckham sat down for a live TV interview today to promote her beauty line and fans were quick to point out how different she looked.

The 47-year-old English designer, who used to be Posh Spice in British girl band The Spice Girls, appeared on Good Morning America to talk about makeup and fashion – but viewers’ attention focused more on her apparently different looks .

Beckham, who runs her own luxury designer and beauty brands, appeared to have much fuller lips during the seated TV chat.

Viewers used social media to voice concerns about Beckham’s changed appearance, with one claiming the former Spice Girl “freaked me out”.

For many years Beckham denied ever having plastic surgery. However, in 2016, she finally admitted having had breast augmentation many years ago.

“I should probably say don’t mess with your boobs,” Beckham wrote in a letter to her younger self for the October 2016 issue of UK Vogue. “All these years I’ve denied it – stupid. A sign of uncertainty. Just celebrate what you have. “

In 2019, Beckham said she has not yet had a cosmetic facial, which includes anti-wrinkle injections and fillers.

“I wasn’t tempted by cosmetic surgery, but never say never,” she told The Morning at the time.

Elsewhere in the chat, Beckham ruled out seeing the Spice Girls again, saying it was no longer their passion to “sing and dance”.

She also spoke to English soccer legend David Beckham about the secret of their 23-year marriage.

“We have a lot of fun, we support each other in everything we do,” she said.

“It’s about having fun and enjoying that person’s company. I really love being with him, which is good after all these years. “

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